Starry Kitchen Frozen Garlic Noodle Cooking Instructions

Without wasting too much time (I'll do THAT below the instructions), here are the official Frozen Garlic Noodle instructions

NOTE: I just wanted to get this up, BUT when I have another moment to breathe I'll link a hi-res version to pinch/zoom/peruse at your leisure:

...after almost a year of selling these frozen garlic noodles too! I know, I know. All of you that bought noodles where the card either slipped out or just wasn't in there were RIGHT. I promise I wasn't necessarily lazy about it, but I've just been taking (too much???) time to figure out how to tackle on this potentially behemoth of an industry (aka consumer packaged goods aka CPG) and task... and I honestly just didn't prioritize these instructions like I should have to begin with.

A few more notes:

  • I didn't realize until now the printed instructions incorrectly reset the instructions from 1-4 and then 1-2 after that (aka my head's too far up my a** all this time)
  • I've been thinking of renumbering the instructions to match the kind of "sale" on the front of the box to be made in 3 easy steps (lower priority) because in my head I do see it as:
    1. Cook the noodles
    2. Heat the sauce
    3. Mix the noodles with the sauce
  • We will change the instructions to be a sticker directly on the box instead of a card we insert that can easily be removed, slide out or taken soon
  • I will shoot a video (probably rudimentary in the beginning, and then improvie it later on) on how to make our noodles as well
  • I apologize¬†AGAIN to all the people that didn't get the instructions, had to chase me down for these and more. Trust that I appreciate your frustration and take full responsibility... in dragging my sweet a** to take this long to make this simple solution happen.

Thank you again everyone, and feel free to reach out... if I'm screwing something else up, forgot something or (on the rare occassion) you want to give a compliment... maybe?!?



Nguyen Tran

Chief Instigating Officer / (SHIN) Starry Kitchen