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SHIN Starry Kitchen

Crispy Tofu Balls (to-go!)

Crispy Tofu Balls (to-go!)

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Our most popular dish we've ever made in our 13+ year history aka the (SHIN) Starry Kitchen "Game Changer" dish:

(we're not saying what happens to Spider-Man here could happen to you... but it COULD! 🤷)

After serving and hand-making over 1 million ACTUAL tofu balls over 13 years we offer this little observation that this is...

For people that don't like or think they like tofu, and this is the one tofu to rule them all! (at least most of the time LOL)

The full recipe takes us 4 days to make:

  1. Press the tofu
  2. Hand grind, marinate+season and hand roll the tofu
  3. Battering and breading the tofu
  4. Letting it sit one last day to dry up for a CRISPY AF fry when it's ready to serve

It's for people that love tofu. It's for people that don't love tofu. It's for anyone that likes to enjoy some fun... in their mouths!

But in all honesty, this is our #1 requested dish/recipe/etc of the now hundreds of things we've ever made. All our dishes have their own fan bases and factions, and THIS has the largest and most fervent fans of all. No one believes me... until they believe me! :)

We hope you can enjoy them, our "balls," in your mouths soon! :)

... oh yeah, what do you (currently) get:

  • 5 handmade, handrolled Crispy Tofu Balls coated in a naturally green sweet rice from Northern Vietnam
  • A heaping side of Spicy Sriracha Aioli to dip 'em in
  • form an opinion on whether or not you agree with the fervent fan base, or stay "Team NOODS" which is perfectly alright too
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