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Garlic Noodles!!!

Garlic Noodles!!!

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NOTE: Pick-up+local DELIVERY (Doordash link in main product description) in the Valley @ Creme Caramel | Available DAILY in W.LA/Mar Vista @ Fatty Mart next to Little Fatty | MORE local+national shipping... when we get to it! Thank you


LOCAL DELIVERY NOTE: we currently offer LIMITED, local delivery (via DoorDash) from Creme Caramel in the San Fernando Valley. Click HERE to order (and please let us know HERE if you aren't within the delivery radius)

What you get in each frozen #noodlekit:

  • Serving size: 2 personal servings = 1 family style serving
  • thick, chewy tsukemen-style ramen noodles
  • NEW+improved (since our Button Mash days) noodle sauce
  • Fried shallots
  • Parmigiano (which we've learned recently is NOT the same as JUST parmesan ^_^)
  • FREE SAMPLE: our upcoming (and actually spicy) Auntie Thi's Chili *BOMB* Sauce.
  • ...and story (I mean below, but if we meet in person feel free to ask for more ;D)

Eons ago within Starry Kitchen lore, there was a time people would offer their unprompted “suggestions” that the Garlic Noodles were “too garlicky”, and then we would politely thank them, give them a complimentary breath mint and remind them that is the name of the dish: GARLIC NOODLES!

… but since then we MIGHT have added more nuance layering in the garlic w/ deeply-unctous brown butter in a balance battle of savory and sweet married with thick and chewy fresh (not fried or dried) ramen noodles for maximum addictive eating that has kept this in our top 3 dishes of all time. 

For those wondering (including Anya Forger below ;D) :

1. Crispy Tofu Balls

2. Tha NOODS!

3. Singaporean Chili Crab


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