Frozen Garlic Noodle Cooking Instructions

Just in case the noodles you have don't have the instructions (and we're sorry if you don't we'll change to stickers on the boxes SOON!)

Zoom/pinch instructions above IF on mobile | CLICK me if on computer ^_^
  • Starry Kitchen garlic noodles melted parmesan cheese green onions cut on a bias fried shallots fried whole garlic cloves

    “These were not the noods I was asking for. I was looking for something, ummm, you know, something just as tasty but, you KNOW, more sexy and stuff.”

    -rando internet stranger

  • Starry Kitchen garlic noodles shot at Button Mash from the ABC Digital Tastemade show Campy Nguyen Tran hosted

    “I’m not sure if you can tell your owner, but your garlic noodles are TOO garlicky!”

    -Garlic(but not THAT garlicky)Lover1996

  • Starry Kitchen x Mayer Hawthorne album giveaway garlic noods picture with lemongrass chicken and pickled red onions

    “These garlic noodles… you know, they’re kind of garlicky!”


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  • Nguyen and Thi Tran - Team Starry Kitchen Taiwanese engagement photos we gave to people that ordered from UberEats

    Team Starry Kitchen

    Here we are (from our pre-wedding pics in Taiwan 2008). So many have enjoyed our (Crispy tofu) balls, (Garlic) noods and (Singaporean Chili) crabs.

    More about us+our book on NPR 
  • Button Mash's marquee in Echo Park, CA, and the former home of Starry Kitchen' shome from 2015 - April 2022

    Button Mash

    Starry Kitchen's last restaurant home: Oct 2015 - April 2022. Where will you find our food now (this website... and more ;D)?

  • Starry Kitchen's pandemic underground comeback for the fans to serve garlic noodles and tofu balls new years party

    Balls+Noods New Year!

    We decided to bring back our food for a special one-time event for our fans with our two most popular dishes.

    No joke, here's the invite