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Auntie Thi's Chili *BOMB* Sauce

Auntie Thi's Chili *BOMB* Sauce

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In the depths of the covid-19 pandemic (and honestly all Nguyen Tran’s life prior) he has one consistently annoying critique for most food, “... it could use a little heat!”

And in the middle of the chili oil boom of the pandemic, this critique grew from an already loud annoying voice to incessant mega phone level of volume that Thi Tran decided to meet the challenge (to shut him up), and create the actually SPICY chili oil to fix all chili oils…

But in the process of creating a complimentary chili oil, she created a bomb… of FLAVOR to LEAD all chili oils to the (Southeast Asian, not white person ;D) spicy promise land.

Please enjoy our Chili *Bomb* Sauce in your mouths... that we'll figure out how to sell (and have better pictures of) in the near, NEAREST of futures.

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